Swedish Massage

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Also known as ‘holistic massage’, this deep tissue treatment benefits both body and mind. Whether it is slow long strokes or deep kneading in problem areas, Swedish Massage is a relaxing, healing massage. It uses gentle or firm pressure (or a combination of both) to benefit individual needs.





* Relieves tight muscles and tension


* Reduces muscular fatigue


* Improves circulation


* Strengthens immune system


* Improves digestion (constipation, IBS, colic, wind)


* Improves skin elasticity


* Alleviates depression


* Reduces stress and anxiety


* Improves energy levels

Some conditions helped by Massage therapy:


·        Back, Neck and Joint Pain


·        Sciatica


·        Whiplash


·        Spots injuries


·        Muscular tension


·        Repetitive Strain Injury


·        Stress