Sports Massage

Sports Massage


Sports Massage refers to many types of massaging techniques, that is designed for athletes and active individuals which will enhance athletic performance and physical recovery.

These can be:

  • Deep tissue massage applying a lot of pressure on target areas to relieve muscle tension.
  • Deep friction massage for chronic stages of repair.
  • Soft tissue release.
  • Cross fiibre massage.
  • Trigger point therapy.
  • Massage before or after events can enhance performance and promote recovery.

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Swedish Massage

Also known as ‘holistic massage’, this deep tissue treatment benefits both body and mind. Whether it is slow long strokes or deep kneading in problem areas, Swedish Massage is a relaxing, healing massage. It uses gentle or firm pressure (or a combination of both) to benefit individual needs.


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Massage relaxes your body and sole, releases chronic tension and pain in muscles, improves circulation,  increases flexibility in the joints,  reduces physical and mental fatigue, and effectively combats stress. The mechanical action of massage works by moving and realigning soft tissues such as muscle, ligaments and tendons while breaking up fibrous tissues and cleansing them of acids and deposits.