Swedish Massage

Also known as ‘holistic massage’, this deep tissue treatment benefits both body and mind. Whether it is slow long strokes or deep kneading in problem areas, Swedish Massage is a relaxing, healing massage. It uses gentle or firm pressure (or a combination of both) to benefit individual needs.





* Relieves tight muscles and tension


* Reduces muscular fatigue


* Improves circulation


* Strengthens immune system


* Improves digestion (constipation, IBS, colic, wind)


* Improves skin elasticity


* Alleviates depression


* Reduces stress and anxiety


* Improves energy levels

Some conditions helped by Massage therapy:


·        Back, Neck and Joint Pain


·        Sciatica


·        Whiplash


·        Spots injuries


·        Muscular tension


·        Repetitive Strain Injury


·        Stress