Sports Massage

Sports Massage


Sports Massage refers to many types of massaging techniques, that is designed for athletes and active individuals which will enhance athletic performance and physical recovery.

These can be:

  • Deep tissue massage applying a lot of pressure on target areas to relieve muscle tension.
  • Deep friction massage for chronic stages of repair.
  • Soft tissue release.
  • Cross fiibre massage.
  • Trigger point therapy.
  • Massage before or after events can enhance performance and promote recovery.

Sports massage can help athletes and sports people to maintain fitness and to recover from injury faster.

Whether you are an elite athlete or recreational sports enthusiast you will benefit from sports massage. Sports massage may have many benefits.

  • Improve posture and general body awareness.
  • Speed up Injuries, acute or chronic.
  • Relief from aching and tired muscles.
  • Restore normal function within a muscle and maintain full contractibility.
  • Remove muscle lesions formed from trauma or overuse.
  • Restoring normal function will help secondary damage to surrounding tissues being prevented.
  • Help bring nutrients to the area for muscle health and repair.
  • Induce muscle relaxation.
  • Help with the removal of waste products built up as the result of injury or exercise.
  • Re-establish vascular channels within a muscle.
  • Remove deep muscle lesions not reached by general massage.
  • To restore the range of motion.

These can be achieved by various massage techniques to restore the body back to good health.

The goal is to improve performance and general well-being.